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Date Created1999-07-21
DescriptionResearcher Chuck Walter conducts an interview with rising senior Romina after her participation in an intensive matheamtical problem-solving experience in a summer institute. Interview questions...
Date Created2009-07-15
DescriptionResearcher Maria Steffero conducts an interview with Romina as an adult, who recently completed her M.B.A., and asks her to reflect on her participation in a long-term study on development of...
Date Created2002-03-11
DescriptionResearchers Carolyn Maher and John Francisco conduct a group interview with Romina and Jeff as second-year college students who have been participants in a long-term study on development of...
Date Created1992-02-06
DescriptionIn this video, the fourth grade partners Romina and Brian are constructing a solution to the “Towers Problem 5-High.” PROBLEM STATEMENT: "Your group has two colors of Unifix® cubes. Work...
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Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionDuring this session, the students begin by working on the following problem: “Stephen has a white shirt, a blue shirt and a yellow shirt. He has a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white jeans. How...
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Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionIn this clip, researcher Amy Martino asks Dana and Stephanie to work on an extension to the shirts and pants problem: How many outfits can Stephen make if he has an additional pair of black jeans?...
Date Created1990-02-26
DescriptionIn the third of 8 clips with second grade students, researcher Amy Martino interviews Stephanie about how she and her group, which included Jeff and Brian, had approached the candy hearts problems in...
Date Created1990-02-26
DescriptionIn the second of 8 clips with second grade students, researcher Amy Martino interviews Jeff about how he and his group, which had included Stephanie and Brian, approached the candy heart problems in...
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Date Created1992-02-06
DescriptionIn this one hour and forty minute unedited video, the fourth grade class was divided into pairs to work on a Towers problem on February 6, 1992. At the beginning of the session, there are two sheets...
Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionThis is the first clip of a series of seven of tower problem focusing on 4-tall tower using unifix cubes of two different colors (red and blue). Researcher Martino began by asking what a tower is and...