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Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionDuring this session, the students begin by working on the following problem: “Stephen has a white shirt, a blue shirt and a yellow shirt. He has a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white jeans. How...
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Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionIn this clip, researcher Amy Martino asks Dana and Stephanie to work on an extension to the shirts and pants problem: How many outfits can Stephen make if he has an additional pair of black jeans?...
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Date Created1992-02-07
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Date Created2019-05-27
DescriptionThis is a raw footage video. On February 26, 1993 fifth graders, Stephanie, Michelle, Milin and their classmates, worked on the Guess My Tower task in a class session, about a year after the “Gang...
DescriptionIn this one-on-one interview with Angela when she was in high school, she discusses how she solved the Towers problem three days earlier when she worked with Magda. The researcher prompts her to start...
DescriptionIn this session, six high school students: Magda, Angela, Michelle, Robert, Sherly, and Ashley, meet to solve the 2-colors, 5-tall Towers Problem. First, the researchers begin by asking questions...
DescriptionIn this session, four high school students: Magda, Angela, Michelle, and Sherly, work on the Pizza Problem as described in the task previously mentioned. The researchers start by having a student,...
Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionThis is the second clip in a series of seven of building towers four tall problem using red and blue unifix towers. Brian suggests a new tower with two blue and two reds. Jeff said he would build the...
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Date Created1992-02-07
DescriptionThis interview with researcher Alston and Milin, with the presence of teacher Mrs. Barnes, occurred on February 7, 1992, the following day of the classroom work with Michael on the five-tall Tower...
Date Created1992-02-06
DescriptionIn this video, the fourth grade partners Romina and Brian are constructing a solution to the “Towers Problem 5-High.” PROBLEM STATEMENT: "Your group has two colors of Unifix® cubes. Work...