Date Created2006-05-12
DescriptionResearchers Carolyn Maher and Liz Uptegrove conduct a group interview with Romina, Angela and Magda as young professionals who have been participants in a long-term study on development of...
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Date Created2014-03-15
DescriptionThis was the second session that the Kenilworth students explored probability through dice games in grade 6 This video followed a group of students (Stephanie, Ankur, Brian, Michelle R., and Angela)...
Date Created2014-03-15
DescriptionThis video presents one camera view from a post-high school session conducted with seven students who participated in the Rutgers longitudinal study. The session, the first of two in which the...
Date Created2014-03-15
DescriptionThis video presents one view of the second and last session in which seven post-high school students discuss the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. This session took place approximately one month after...
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Date Created2000
DescriptionThis video comes from the Rutgers-Kenilworth Study, and edited for the The Private Universe Project in Mathematics (PUP-Math). It includes narrative voice over and an interview with Researcher, Robert...