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DescriptionDuring this clip, the students discuss a task that had been posed by Erik: If I call the blue rod one, what rod will I call one half? A lively discussion centering on the definition of one half...
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Date Created1993
DescriptionThe students work on the task: If the orange rod is called fifty, what number name would I give the white rod? Sarah and Beth offer an answer immediately, and are questioned by researcher Amy Martino...
Date Created1989-03-21
DescriptionIn the final clip of the series of nine in a first grade classroom, four children: Stephanie, Gerardo, Sean and Aaron, explain their reasoning about problems 4 of a set of 6 problems to their teacher,...
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Date Created1993
DescriptionResearcher Amy Martino asked the students to assign a number name to the white rod when the orange rod was called ten. After discussing the problem with their partners, the students joined in a whole...
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DescriptionAmy Martino leads a whole class discussion during which they talk about ways of writing number sentences for two problems: 1) How many one sixths are in one? and 2) How many one twelfths are in one?...
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Date Created1995-11-08
DescriptionIn the fifth clip in a series of nine from the first of seven interviews focusing on Early Algebraic Ideas about the binomial expansion researcher Carolyn Maher asks Stephanie to multiply (x + y)(x +...
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DescriptionResearcher Amy Martino posed two related tasks to the students. In this clip, the students work on designing a rod that can be called one half when the blue rod is called one. Erik and Alan discuss...
Date Created1990-10-11
DescriptionIn this clip, Jamie begins recording on a large sheet her solution to the Shirts and Pants Problem introduced in the previous clip in this series. As Jamie records her solution, researcher Alice...
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DescriptionResearcher Carolyn Maher leads a whole class discussion after the students' exploration of the problem: Which is larger, one fourth or one ninth, and by how much? Several students described their...
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Date Created2014-04-27
DescriptionIn this problem solving session two students, Brandon and Colin, are working to solve the pizza problem when selecting from four toppings [problem statement is below]. Brandon and Colin both organize...