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About the VMC Math Strands Research Stories

VMC Mission

Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC) is an interactive collaboration portal designed to enable teachers, teacher educators and researchers to analyze and utilize the real classroom videos shot over a span of 20+ years to make new discoveries in math education and transform mathematics research, teaching and learning. Learn more…

The VMC Audience

The Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC) is primarily intended for use by educators of teachers, researchers, education students, and practicing teachers.Learn more…

The VMC Collection

The VMC video collection is the largest compilation of video clips assembled from the longitudinal study that followed the mathematical thinking of a cohort group of students doing mathematics in and out of classrooms, now beginning its 22nd year Learn more…

Combinatoric Videos

Watch videos of children of all grades working on combinatoric tasks in and out of the classroom

Fraction Videos

Students working on various fraction problems using manipulatives such as Cuisenaire rods or constructing their own number lines.


The Analytic annotation tool that enables a researcher to structure a video into meaningful events that can be analyzed using a structured conceptual taxonomy and through free-text annotations.

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Studying Students

Teaching Teachers

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