VMC Community Course Application Form

The VMC community, a community of practice dedicated to research and teaching to further the advancement of mathematics education and related fields, is open for participation.

This form enables a university instructor to block add students in a course to participate in the VMC Community of Practice. The instructor must already be a member of the VMC Community, so if you have not done so, please register using the standard application form. As soon as you receive email notification that you are added, you will be able to add your students in a bloc, using the abbreviated form below

Participation in the VMC Community requires that all students have reviewed the VMC Community Code of Conduct, that you fully understand it, and you agree to abide by all of its requirements, including those incorporated by reference from the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct Including 2010 Amendments of the American Psychological Association

Add Students
You can add up to 10 students at a time using this form.